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Acorn Leadership exists to help individuals and teams develop their potential.  We work in organizations of all types to coach, develop, train, teach and facilitate the personal and corporate growth necessary for individuals to meet the mission of the organization, while also experiencing their own growth.





Continuous growth and improvement are essential.  Acorn Leadership meets your staff where they are and helps them grow in ways that facilitate growth and the individual and organizational levels.

Acorn Leadership builds a person's desire to influence, change and transform his/her environment using well-grounded leadership identity theory.

Acorn Leadership uses a variety of proven techniques designed to build people's capacity to lead by helping them develop the necessary skills and understanding to be effective in leading.


Tom Emigh

 Acorn Leadership Coach & Principal

Tom Emigh is motivated by Mission, Justice and Leadership.  He is passionate about helping organizations pursue their compelling mission through developing individuals and teams to become better at everything they do.  He is both concerned with the development of the person, but also quickly grasps operational processes and how systems operate throughout organizations and industries.  He believes that Excellent Organizations, full of Empowered Leaders can have a positive impact in our society to help all people grow and learn, which he understands as a Justice issue.


Tom has extensive experience developing large and small leadership development programs, and developing curriculum and teaching in a variety of contexts.  He brings actual leadership experience, systems thinking and operational expertise to bear in coaching and consulting relationships in large and small organizations in both for-profit and not-for-profit settings.


His doctoral work in Organizational Behavior and Leadership, combined with a graduate degree in counseling, significant administrative and leadership experience, and a pastor's heart combine to make him a thoughtful mentor, coach and teacher as he encourages others to understand and reach their fullest potential.


Tom is committed to service, both in his community and internationally.  He is the dad/stepdad of 5 daughters.  He has a broad sense of humor and is characterized by the idea: "Work Hard, Play Hard."

Tamara Rosier Ph.D.

 Acorn Leadership Coach & Principal

Tamara has been a college administrator, a professor, a leadership consultant, a public speaker and a high school teacher. As a consultant, Tamara has successfully worked with numerous companies, churches and nonprofit organizations to develop stronger teams, create strategic plans, and facilitate leadership and organizational development. She coaches individuals as they enhance interpersonal effectiveness, increase social intelligence, capitalize strengths and bridge performance gaps. One of her specialty areas is a coach for AD/HD adults and teens.


She received her Ph.D. in Teaching, Learning and Leadership from Western Michigan.

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what we do

Acorn Leadership exists to increase the desire and capacity to lead in your organization.    We have significant background in facilitation, education, coaching, consulting, and experience leading in a variety of organizations.  Instead of imposing our pre-existing model, acronym, or framework on your organization, we first listen to you, build understanding, and draw from our diverse experiences to develop deep and lasting solutions for your growth.


Just as the mighty Oak grows from the modest Acorn, we believe that with the correct environment and conditions, you and your organization can continue the process of becoming all that your potential calls you to be.  Contact us for a free initial consultation to discover the possibilities.

Organizational & Team Processes

Individual Processes

Organizational Development

Executive and Individual Leaders

We develop a teaching, training or development process through which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional result or goal.

Developing Advanced Social Intelligence

No matter where you are located in an organization, there is the opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself and others and build on this understand to increase your leadership capacity.  Acorn will help you increase your social intelligence, identify goals and strategies for meeting them, and achieve the next level of leadership.

Clients monitor their own emotions and other’s feelings, discriminating among them and to use this information to guide one's thinking and actions.


Assessment and Feedback

We support clients as they analyze their behavioral style as a leader and learn how to maximize their strengths and acknowledge growth areas.



Teams that function effectively and efficiently produce growth for the people on the team, as well as the organization.  Acorn uses a variety of assessment instruments and learning activities to identify opportunities for individual and group development, and facilitates these processes to help your team reach its full potential.


Developing Advanced Social Intelligence

Team Facilitation and Coaching

Teams are made up of individuals who are working together.  We start at the individual client  level and support clients as they analyze their behavioral style as a leader, learning how to maximize their strengths and developing a plan for growth area.  level and move to the team level to help team members understand.

Social Intelligence is one of the key factors in leading well.  Acorn will assist you in understanding the concepts of Social Intelligence, your current level of Social Intelligence, and how to increase your Social Intelligence for more effective leadership.

Those with AD/HD

Strategic Processing

Leadership Development

We guide leaders through a reflective process of growing one's self-awareness - about their strengths, weaknesses, and blind-spots – and then coach leadership skills.

AD/HD coaches help individuals identify what changes they would like to make in their life, support them as they align their thoughts and actions, and hold them accountable for their goals. Because they have a partner – their coach who helps them focus – their efforts produce greater, more permanent results more quickly.

We facilitate and ensure a quality planning process occurs from start to finish.


Succession Planning

We facilitate a formalized succession planning that assesses current employees for promotional opportunities.

Conflict Management

I guide leaders through a reflective process of growing one's self-awareness - about their strengths, weaknesses, and blind-spots – and then coach leadership skills.

Blended Families & Premarital/Marital Coaching

Give your Marriage a Fighting Chance!  No matter where you are in your relationship, an Acorn Coach can help you identify areas for growth and improvement and help build a closer, more fulfilling relationship that can stand the test of time.  We have extensive experience with Blended Families and Marriage Coaching.

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LEadership Facts

Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent.


Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve common goals.

what we believe about leadership

Anyone can be involved in the process of leading. Leadership is a process, not a position.
One understands leadership through a process of identity development, and this process can be shaped. The desire to lead and the capacity to lead can be developed in anyone.
Understanding and engaging in the process of leadership is an important part of responding to our life's calling. Service and leadership are inextricably connected.

Good Leadership = good business.

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"Leadership is first being, then doing.  Everything the leader does reflects what he or she is.  Therefore, leadership is about expressing yourself, not proving yourself."  ~Warren Bennis

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